Journal of Muhammadiyah’s Application Technology


Journal of Muhammadiyah’s Application Technology

Jumptech (Journal of  Muhammadiyah’s Application Technology) is an online periodical journal of science that is published three times a year, in February, June and October by Faculty of Engineering, Muhammadiyah University of Makassar, Indonesia, with a registered number ISSN 3031-3082 (online).

Jumptech is a media to publish the results of scientific research academics, practitioners, and observers in the field of engineering science including irrigation civil engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, computer science, urban and regional planning.

Jumptech focuses on publishing manuscripts within the following areas:

Irrigation Civil Engineering:

Hydrology; Hydraulics; Environmental Impacts; Solute and Sediment Transport; Soil Salinity; Water‐Quality Control; Sustainability; Water Management and Conservation; Evapotranspiration; Soil‐Water Flow; Design, Operations and Maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage Infrastructure; Development and Application of Technology; Economics, Energy Use, and Regulation in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science:

  • Power Systems: Generator, Power Distribution, Electrical Power Convertion, Protection Systems, Electrical Material
  • Signal, System, and Electronics: Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Robotic Systems, Control Systems, Embedded Systems
  • Communication Systems: Telecommunication, Wireless Communications, Computer Network
  • Information Technology:  Software Engineering, Data Mining, Multimedia, Mobile Computing, Parallel / Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligent, Computer Graphic, AR/VR

Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning :

Architectural Planning and Design; Environmental Engineering; Building Science and Technology; Project Management; Structural Engineering; Building Materials; Building Intelligent Modelling (BIM); Theory and Architectural Criticism; Interior Design; Urban Planning; Housing and Settlement Design; Landscape Architecture; Architectural Conservation and Heritage; Study of Islamic Architecture; Regional and City Studies; Building Management and Built Environment; Infrastructure and Transport; Development Policy and Economics; Behavior, Space and Culture; Tourism and Space.

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Vol 1, No 3 (2022)

Table of Contents


Ridwan Fahmi, Irnawaty Idrus, Siti Fuadillah, Sahabuddin Latif, Rohana Rohana, Salmiah Zainuddin
murnawati murnawati, mursyid mustafa, ashari abdullah, irnawati idrus, andi Syahriyunita, siti fuadillah
wirga sandy ahyar, Mursyid Mustafa, Ashari Abdullah, Andi Yusri, Khilda Wildana Nur, Nurhikmah Paddiyatu
Ibrahim Salam, Sahabuddin Latif, Andi Annisa Amalia, Andi Syahruyinita, Khilda Wildana Nur, Siti Fuadillah
Amrin Amir, Aris Sakkar, Ashari Abdulah, Mursyid Mustafa, Muhammad Syarif, Citra Amalia Amal
Ahcmad Ikhsans Syarifuddin, Khilda Wildana Nur, A.Syahriyunita Syahruddin, Citra Amalia Amal, A.Annisa Amalia
Muhammad Ilham, Sahabuddin Latif, Irnawaty Idrus, Ashari Abdullah, A. Syahriyunita Syahruddin, Rohana Rohana
Alma Widiyanti, Sahabuddin Latif, Khilda Wildana Nur, Ashari Abdullah, Andi Yusri, Siti Fuadillah A.Amin
Fajar Fatta, Mursyid Mustafa, Citra Amalia Anal, Muhammad Syarif, Rohana Rohana, Nurhikmah Paddiyatu
rahmat ramadan, Muhammad Syarif, Fitrawan Umar, Irnawaty Idrus, Citra Amalia Amal, Siti Fuadillah A Amin
Syam syam, Muhammad Syarif, Nurhikmah Paddiyatu, Citra Amalia Amal, Siti Fuadillah A. Amin, A. Annisa Amalia
Andi Sulfajri, Irnawaty Idrus, Sahabuddin Latif, Rosady Mulyadi, Siti Fuadillah, Muhammad Syarif
Nenny Karim, marzuki rahmat, Muh. Yayang Ananta, Kasmawati Kasmawati