Focus and Scope

Journal Pendidikan Fisika publishes scientific papers on the results of studies and literature reviews in the field of physics education. This journal covers the following topics:

Physics Learning and Teaching: Strategies to promote conceptual development, design of teaching interventions; pedagogical content knowledge; and relations between teaching practices and students’ cognitive, psychomotor, and affective development.

History, Philosophy, and Nature of Science. The implications of the nature of science, its history, philosophy, and epistemology for physics education.

Discourse and Argumentation in Physics Education. Discourse analysis, promoting the use of evidence and argumentation discourse in physics education.

Scientific Literacy and Socio-scientific Issues. Teaching about scientific literacy; physics and citizenship education; debates on socio-scientific issues (SSI).

Evaluation and Assessment of Physics Education. Development, validation, and use of standardized tests, instruments for measuring attitudes, interests, beliefs, self-efficacy, etc., and monitoring student learning and implications for teaching physics.

Pre-service and In-Service Physics Teacher Education. Professional knowledge of teachers, instructional methods in pre-service teacher education, and issues related to pre-service teacher education reform.

Physics textbook analysis. Analysis of physics textbooks in school and university.