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Sophie Wilshire

Bio Statement If you have a Smart TV and have a built-in YouTube app in it, then activating YouTube on your smart TV is very easy. Perhaps you need to keep in mind that all smart TV does not support YouTube, before activating check if it supports YouTube. Now, to activate YouTube on your Smart TV, follow the steps listed below: First, open the YouTube app on your Smart TV Go to the Settings i.e the gear icon, click on it. You have to sign in to your Youtube account. You will be provided with an 8 digit code. Also, keep the screen of the Smart TV on. From your laptop or mobile phone, go to the com/activate. Now, provide your Google account information and sign in. After that, enter the 8 digits that YouTube gave you and click on Proceed option. Lastly, when you see the option, click on Allow Access. Have a look at my web page;