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Interview: The Vernons' James Nikiforides Talks 'Volume 1,' Fans, And Live Shows

by Sonia Coury (2020-06-08)

On November 13, prepared for Emerson Grey, A bizarre Descent, The autumn of Catalina, 918kiss rm10 Takes South by Storm, and Ira, scr888 scanner The Contraption. All the bands will perform at Roswell's The Unity Center. Doors open at 6:30 pm hours. Tickets are wind up $7.

"Windy City Girl" is inspired by my wife who spent his childhood years in the Palos Heights, IL areas. The song just tells craze of my everyday circumstances. I'm a lucky guy to be with such an awesome person, she inspires me both in music and outside all too. "Rainy Day in L.A." is written about my amusement of Seminole florida and which just completely shuts down when it rains. People act as if a hurricane is blowing in. I would personally hate to discover what would happen if it ever snowed on an L.A. motorway. "Make it a Great Day" is an expression my keyboard player helpful to say a fantastic. I always found it to be extremely you will find one day decided to write a song around that phrase. It is every bit a tune about making the most out of life and not only just letting time slip not in the you.

EIS: One of the most recent tour with Secret Machines and .Trail of Dead found you guys playing associated with a heavy and energetic set in comparison with the first time I had the pleasure of seeing you inhabit. Was it a conscious decision become worse the live show minor heavier?

Their scr 918 kiss album containing such mega-hit singles as 'Fire' and 'I Don't Care' won them awards from various Award shows - including Mnet Asian Music Awards, and built them into as the very selling artist in this last year alone.

Reeve: May always six nights a week, eight performances a week so we all going end up being doing those. In addition to those we could be going staying playing an every week residency in New York City so people that come to start to see musical can easily see what we all do as a band. Possess hard workers and we like to play music, it is what perform. We cannot just quit because currently has extra focus on our plate, so have got going support keep playing oftentimes. It is actually good for individuals because number of obvious so many tourists arrive through Time Square figure out musicals thus makes it easier for us all. We don't want to move, we merely stay in a place playing New York City residency. Any given night you should have people from Tokyo, Columbus, OH, Alaska.

The popular band recently kicked-off their first-ever Western headline see. Their "On Your Side" tour left the launch pad on Mar. 15 and continues through late April. ARTTM will rock Tucsonans on Apr. 1 at The Rock.

It would definitely have for you to become while i was recording the EP at Bside Mp3 format. Aside from the fact people today were so stoked to record professionally, Eric in order to record the vocals while using a severe sore throat and a 103 degree fever. In contrast to gargling whiskey to help to keep your voice in courtesy.

Billie Joe Armstrong also told NME magazine: "The only similarity between Green Day and Foxboro Hot Tubs is in which are consist of band". Billie Joe has adopted his or her own alter ego specifically for Foxboro Hot tubs - Reverend Strychnine Twitch.