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5 Tips On Taking Great Selfies On A Golf Course

by Melanie Chiodo (2020-06-07)

If Ellen DeGeneres could do it in the Oscars, why can't you in the golf course? Yes, we are talking about taking a selfie. This relatively nascent feature has evolved into quite a phenomenon overnight. Some studies even claim that more than 1 million selfies are taken every day. And probably at all possible places. So why not the golf courses? Tampa, with its beautiful weather, will offer you the perfect conditions needed for a flawless composition. All you need is the smartphone in your hand and a few tips in your mind. Here are some of the best-kept secrets of taking cool selfies.

1. Consider a Relevant Backdrop
The most important thing while taking a golf selfie is making your viewers understands that you are not standing on a regular turf. Golf is the theme, and therefore, the backdrop must have some golf elements. Pick one of the holes or flags as the backdrop and you will be all set to go.

2. Mind the Shadows and the Glares
A game of golf is usually meant for sunny days. As a result, make sure you are aware of the shadows when you are taking a selfie out in the open. Furthermore, make sure the sun is not directly behind you when you are taking the snap; or else, you will be hardly visible because of the glare.

3. Use the Available Accessories
When you are on a golf course, do not just resort to the usual smiling face and tiresome poses. Use the golfing accessories that are close to you. One of the most usual one is your golf club. Hold it in a way so that it's clearly visible. Even the ball, the tee or the divot fixer will be enough to do the trick.

4. The Rule of Thirds
Experienced photographers use the rule of thirds to bring in an edgy element into their pictures. You can do it too. According to this rule, do not place your face right in the center of the frame. Place it in the top-left or top-right corner of the frame, and capture something or someone interesting in the remaining space.

5. The Full-body Shot
Golf selfies work best if they are full-body shots. You, standing in your complete golf attire with your golfing buddies, can compose the perfect selfie shot. However, it's hard to accomplish this feat with your bare hands. So get hold of a selfie stick that pairs with your smart phone. Extend it until the smartphone can cover the desired area, and take the snap using the Bluetooth-powered remote.

Once you are ready to take selfies on golf courses, Tampa will not disappoint you. Make the most of the city's beautiful courses, capture them in timeless pictures and get ready for a deluge of likes and comments. The next time you pack your kit and go golfing, just make it a point to have your smartphone inside your pocket.

Donna Clark is an avid golfer, who takes delight in blogging, and loves educating readers on various tips and tricks of the game. Due to his vast knowledge about golf, he is also an expert in evaluating the golf courses and resorts across Florida, USA .