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Valorant tops 100M streaming hours for second week

by Sandra Pederson (2020-06-03)

valorant ranked boosting continues to draw interest at an incredible rate, exceeding 100 million hours of hours watched on Twitch for the second week in a row.

Viewers watched 106.5 million hours of Valorant from April 13-19, according to The Esports Observer, more than triple the next-most-watched stream on Twitch. The week before, Valorant totaled a whopping 128.12 million hours of viewership.

Valorant has more than 260 million hours of viewership since launching in the first week of April. The title has also broken single-day Twitch viewership records and concurrent viewership records.

Viewership has been boosted by beta access given to those who log heavy hours.

Ludwig "Anomaly" Lagerstedt has become an increasingly popular streamer with the emergence of Valorant, leading all Twitch channels with 13.85 million hours watched last week, per the Observer.

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